Q: : I first met John Burton, then state Senate leader, on Jan. 22, 2001, when I was dispatched by the O.C. Register to Sacramento to help cover the energy crisis. In a Capitol hallway, I asked him how much faith he had in Gov. Gray Davis’ handling of the mess. How many F-bombs did he drop in response?

A:: More than a dozen in a harsh, unprintable three-minute response. I felt like the Dodgers reporter who asked Tommy Lasorda what he thought about Kingman’s performance.

Q:: According to Jerry Brown’s IMDB biography,, whom does he consider “shady and opportunistic”?

A:: Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Jerry’s first IMDB credit is for an appearance on Howard Stern’s TV show with Bea Arthur and Corey Feldman in 1992. One can only imagine the conversating in the green room.

Q:: What Nazi war criminal was invited to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1986 wedding to Maria Shriver and what was his gift to the newlyweds?

A:: It was Kurt Waldheim, willing participant in World War II atrocities, and his gift to his old pal was a statue of Arnold wearing lederhosen and carrying the dirndl-clad Maria. No, this is not made up.

Q: What other future famous/influential folks attended Yale Law School the same time as Jerry Brown (J.D., 1964)?

A: Alan Dershowitz; Robert Rubin; Eleanor Holmes Norton; Marian Wright Edelman; Jose Cabranes; Drew Days, Eugene H. Zagat Jr. and wife Nina S. Zagat (yes, the restaurant surveyers), Michael Levine (libertarian hero, sorry, I know he’s obscure to most of you).

He missed the Bueller intoner by a few years, alas.

Q: Which very high-profile California journalist actually wrote a lengthy 1999 Time magazine piece touting Gray Davis — GRAY DAVIS!!!! — as the “Most Fearless Governor in America”?

A: You’re not gonna believe it.