Calwhine hopes to get lots of interesting content to share on this site. Priority no. 1, oddly, is caricatures. Artists who want to see their work featured and credited, send in your takes on leading state politicians — starting with the governor.

Calwhine also welcomes political cartoons — but the site administrator has to find ‘em funny.

Send ‘em to, the email we are using for now.

Odd photos of state leaders in offbeat contexts are also welcome.

More conventionally, if you have a take on a California issue — or on how a local issue reflects larger California problems — and it’s well-written, we’d be interested in posting it on Calwhine. Stuff with hyperlinks>stuff without hyperlinks. Cogent, shorter stuff>long windy stuff.

If you want to rebut one of Chris’ posts or commentaries and it’s well-written and actually engages the points Chris makes or thinks he makes, then we’d be happy to post it.

We also welcome technical suggestions on how to improve this site:

Current questions:

1. How can we use WordPress to make the site more user-friendly on smartphones?

2. How important is it to integrate this site with a Facebook fan page? A Facebook regular page?

3. How should we set up comments so they’re not anonymous but not limited? Because we will, sooner or later, have comments. We’re not fans of the register-through-Facebook-first approach but aren’t sure yet what are the key issues.